For Shipowners

We invite Ship owners to mutually advantageous cooperation.

Dear Sirs, we are ready to provide You with qualified personnel in accordance with Your demands. We have got a large database of marine specialists. We properly select the candidates, check that they have appropriate marine documents in accordance with international standards.

We are always glad to offer You our knowledge and skills for better service performance, in particular:

  • Searching, selection and recruitment of duty qualified and trained officers and ratings complying with Employer’s requirements
  • Constant base formation and data updating of candidates
  • Crew relieve planning
  • Checking that candidates have appropriate marine documents in accordance with SOLAS and SWTC
  • Arranging the crew-stuff training process in co-operation with the leading Training Centers in the Russian Federation
  • Seafarer’s Employment Contract formalities
  • Travelling arrangements of the crew onboard.
  • Applying for all necessary visas
  • Applying for all necessary Flag State documents
  • Strict following the Client’s Quality Management Systems
  • In-house training facilities, video conferences, video interviews, using the modern equipment
  • Checking the knowledge of the English language, organizing the English language courses and trainings for the seafarers by the experienced teacher
  • Accounting and wage payments to seafarers. Other financial services
  • Providing the crews with work wear.
  • Organizing shipboard training for the cadets of Russian marine educational institutions of Russian Federation.
  • Any other legal formalities as per Employment Request